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Originally Posted by DrSpengler View Post
Thanks, Enscripture! Especially for clearing up which story was reprinted in #60; nobody seemed to know!
As far as I know there was only a Volume 1 TPB. I didn't see any ads for any other volumes and since I have it in front of me it Volume 1 has these stories in this order:

Origins (Redone "How it All Began" page)
#003: The Need for Speed
#006: Podzilla
#013: Thief in the Night
#005: Slug
#004: Daydream
#004: Taken
#007: A Slice of Luck
#008: Dropzone
#001: Takeout
#010: Number One Fan
#011: Own Worst Enemy
#002: What Goes Up
#009: Robo Ninja
#015: Meet the Dream King
#???: Space Captain Leo (I Assume Issue 12 since I don't have #12 and that's the only story missing)

I don't know why they are in random order but that's just for cataloging reprint info if you wanted to know what was in Volume 01
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