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You can definitely tell the show peaked in popularity around 1989-1990 when Seasons 3 and 4 aired.

Season 5 had a much shorter episode count in 1991, and Season 6 was the same in 1992. Then Season 7 only had 13 episodes which is a standard season length in 1993...followed by the 8 episodes seasons of Seasons 8-10.

Looking back it's surprising the show got renewed as long as it did. It could have ended right after Season 3, or 4, or 5-7. It went right up to 1996 where it was well after Batman: TAS debuted in 1992, and Spider-man and X-men were on FoxKids at the time.

Ironically enough TMNT ended 1 year before Pokemon came out in Japan in 1997. It's weird when you stop to realize how close all these kids cartoons aired in relation to each other when they they feel ancient by comparison.
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