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Originally Posted by Prowler View Post
All of you pretty much summed it up well.

Yes, season 4 has some of the weakest episodes in the series. Plus, some really suffer animation wise. Season 5 also seems to have the least amount of action than any other season. In season 6, the action gets back a bit and in season 7... the Turtles actually start using their weapons again like in season 1!

Season 4 was also the season where the random mad scientist of the week episode became a thing. It's fine to take a break from Shredder and Krang occasionally, but most of those mad scientists were so generic and lame, and it's honestly embarrassing to see the Turtles struggling against them and being outsmarted as well. Those are guys they could knock out in 5 seconds ffs.

If you're going to do an episode without Shredder and Krang then at least have a cool and threatening villain like The Rat King or Leatherhead. Not a scrawny middle-aged toy inventor named Weasel.
Your analysis is perfect!!!! I actually liked a lot of the Season 4 Shredder and Krang episodes, and especially those where the Turtles went to Dimension X for most of the episode. Their plots at least were still good, for the most part; giant bugs aside. Speaking of Leatherhead and The Rat King: having them in what I assumed was the season finale with Splinter and the Turtles separating was neat, and their threat was still real, even if not finale-esque. Were-rats from Channel Six was neat too. Not all Turtle-centered vs. scientist or whatever episodes were all bad. I agree on the fighting; but I guess the whole brains of brawn thing was real due to kids playing Turtles all the time, complete with violence. Plus, it gave the regular villain VAs a break; since they certainly didn't get much of one in syndication.

Season 5 was a mixed bag, but it did ramp up the action where necessary, and Raphael and Leonardo handled a situation with no help from the other Turtles.

Season 6 had the least appearances of Shredder and Krang, appearing in 7 out of 16 episodes; meaning two weeks in a row of one shot villains in both timeslots. But yes, the action started amping up here.

Season 7 had the European episodes, love 'em or hate 'em. But had the most Shredder and Krang episodes, mainly due to James Avery stepping down as Shredder's VA. To quote Krang in Turtles Forever, "Mmm... go figure!!" But the action is good, we got to see certain heroes and villains one last time (Dirk deserved a second episode!!) and the finale was reminiscent of the first three seasons; especially given the twist in the first act.
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