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Originally Posted by Leo656 View Post
I mean, every crew needs a jokester. So I don't have a problem with Mikey getting that role; better him than any of the others, honestly.

It's just that the writers in recent years insist on writing him as "funny" in the sense of what a 5-year old would think is "funny", and it's not funny, it's unbearable.

Season 1 Mikey wasn't all THAT bad, but oh man, he got pretty terrible pretty fast.

And he just gets WORSE in every new version. I hate that. He can be "the goofball" but for f*ck's sake, add some depth and balance. Nobody is ever Just One Thing. Making him some ADHD-riddled spastic is a disservice to both the character and his fans.

And yeah, I'm aware that's an "offensive" descriptor, but I don't care, it's apt.
Well, so far I haven't seen any good examples of Mikey as the funny guy of the crew. Raphael was rather successful doing the act in the 87 series, at least. Which iwls why he doesn't get nearly the same amount of dislike as Mikey does in the 2k3 series.

So unless I ever get to experience an iteration where Mikey is actually funny as the comedy relief, I'll keep in thinking it's not a good idea to put him in such role.

Raphael was someone with laughed with. Mikey was someone we laughed at.

As silly as 87 Michelangelo sound sjeosdays with the constant pizza puns and surfer slang, at least he wasn't annoying.
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