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The SNES version of Tournament Fighters was pretty decent. It was a mere Street Fighter clone like many of the time, but one of the best ones by far. Wasn't great by any means, but it's definitely playable.

The NES version isn't as good, but does alright considering it's on an older console and one of the few fighters for it. It was kinda ambitious to make a fighting game for the NES. Although it did come out for it as late as 1993.

The Genesis/Mega Drive version however, was poor.

Why no good TMNT fighting games? Well TMNT games are just games meant to cash out on a popular franchise. Developers don't make much of an effort and don't make use of very high budgets for those games since there isn't much of a demand for them in comparison to many other series. And nowadays, it seems pretty much impossible to make a good TMNT fighting game that could rival with the likes of Tekken, Street Fighter, Virtua Fighter, Soul Calibur, etc. in terms of gameplay.

Also, first time I've ever seen recorded footage of Mutant Melee. Looks awful.
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