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Originally Posted by Refractive Reflections View Post
Then there's the "what if" scenario, where if an animal had conscious thought like a human or similarly to these animal mutants in TMNT, is it considered "fair game" if both the furry and the conscious-animal have a romantic/sexual relationship.
Regarding the fictional angle that will never ever even happen, thus relatively harmless in most cases... that's kind of that line there though, right? Where that fiction being is (in their world) a person who is fully capable of consenting and probably isn't going to see a human as any more or less of an animal than they are. They might find it arrogant for humans to assume mutants and similar beings should also bother to agree that humans are something else above all other creatures and not just the crazy talking apes they see in front of them. lol The Turtles surely realize just how ridiculous humans actually are. Though if THEY are into crazy talking apes is another matter... lol

Now... people who want to be these other creatures, that's a whole other thing, I guess. I mean, most of us can probably agree that being human can suck. There's some huge pluses, but on the other hand there are days it feels like it would have been easier to have been born something else. (Heck, I was commenting on that to all those overly happy birds out there just this morning when I could barely make myself feel awake going out to my car.) But most of us are not going to go around trying to pretend to become something else and rather just deal with the hand we were dealt having the fortune and misfortune of being human.

If we're going to play pretend, I find it better to just hope that reincarnation is a thing and hope be something else next time. So long as it isn't something worse. lol
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