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How would you rank the Turtles from 2k3 in order of preference?

For me, I'd say:

1st - Leonardo: I mean, he's clearly the favourite of the writers. The one who got the most attention. And this version of his certainly is an improvement over the boring Leo from the FW series.

2nd - Raphael: He was my favourite when I was a teenager. But he got worse as the series went on, and the older I get the less I identify with angry Raph. He's just an angsty teen really.

3rd - Donatello: He's... OK. Nothing annoying or too outstanding about him tbh. Don't like him as much as his FW version, but it's still a good characterisation of Donatello.

4th - Michelangelo: This is where Michelangelo being insufferable began. Especially at the end of season 2 where he won the Battle Nexus by a ridiculous fluke and became very arrogant for it. Not to mention he was a chicken. A cowardly ninja is absurd. Making Mike the comedian of the group was a big mistake.

What about you?
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