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Originally Posted by Leo656 View Post
I mean, every crew needs a jokester. So I don't have a problem with Mikey getting that role; better him than any of the others, honestly.

It's just that the writers in recent years insist on writing him as "funny" in the sense of what a 5-year old would think is "funny", and it's not funny, it's unbearable.

Season 1 Mikey wasn't all THAT bad, but oh man, he got pretty terrible pretty fast.

And he just gets WORSE in every new version. I hate that. He can be "the goofball" but for f*ck's sake, add some depth and balance. Nobody is ever Just One Thing. Making him some ADHD-riddled spastic is a disservice to both the character and his fans.

And yeah, I'm aware that's an "offensive" descriptor, but I don't care, it's apt.
Yep, this is my take on it as well.
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