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Originally Posted by Andrew NDB View Post
Lament of Innocence only replaced Legends because they wanted to do "the very first Belmont" again, only hundreds of years before the 1400s this time. And honestly, Lament is basically a reboot. While it still sort of works with the rest of the games, it makes Dracula not into Dracula anymore, and it's a big "everything you ever thought you know about Castlevania's beginnings is WRONG!"
To be honest, Legends were very mediocre as a game and as a story and its version of Dracula origin was basically "he always was a bad wizard" and that's it. It is besides the fact that Symphony established that Dracula had a loving wife and went insane after her death. So much for him "always being a bad wizard".
All in all, its removal from a timeline is not a big loss, even though, I like idea of Sonia Belmont.
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