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Betty swears Peter to secrecy about her pregnancy...noone must know, not even Mary Jane. She then tells him who the father's Ned Leeds! Even more startling, Ned is alive and well after all. And he's not the only character being brought back this issue....the man who killed Peter and Theresa's parents, The Finisher, is Chameleon's cell mate

Epilouge: Kindred wants Doc Ock to recruit the Sinister Six for him, and in return, he'll restore his memories fully to him. He also references the cause of Otto's amnesia…his deal with Mephisto!

Wow, Peter's robot parents got mentioned here. It's a logical choice
for a flashback because Harry was the mastermind behind that. I think by the time this arc is over, Theresa Parker will have a new origin, with her relation to Peter walked back on entirely.

Artwork was a bit fugly (other than Betty, she looks cute) and Peter's looks of surprise and dread are way too comical. Ned looks pretty Sauvé though, and the art does improve towards the end
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