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Giant Size Amazing Spider-Man: Chameleon Conspiracy (updated from earlier now that I've read it and am not reading second-hand spoilers from CBR)

Ah so the big reveal about Teresa is multiple choice, she could be a Chameleon, her parents may be Chameleon agents, Chameleon may have been Nick Fury at some point and duped her into thinking she was a's all a little vague, but in the end it's another "it's what you are now that matters" hallmark life lessons. Aw, that's sweet, I HATE SWEET, I NEED PHOTOS, PHOTOS OF SPIDER-MAN

In the meantime, Peter saves Jaime and successfully makes an emergency landing before the casino ship can smash into the city, It turns out most of the villains on the Casino airship are all Chameleon agents, Peter seems to buy that Ned is legit and lets him go home to Betty, but not before we see Ned grin rather mischievously

Kindred is tied to The Chameleon, and requires something from him...a serum, Chameleon says it's always good to do business with an 'Osborn'

Doc Ock and Electro journey to the savage land and recruit Kraven
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