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Those were way more popular than Nick TMNT, though. And I think the Blu-rays came out way after the DVDs, which would indicate that the DVD sales led them to publish Blu-rays later on, which are probably more expensive to produce. At least I *think* that's the order of events, someone can correct me.

If Nick thought that the sales of TMNT Blu-rays would offset the manufacturing costs, they'd do Blu-rays and not DVDs. They don't think Blu-rays would sell enough, because as I keep trying to explain, TMNT isn't actually as popular as some people here swear it is.

I guess there's always a chance that if these DVD sets sell a lot, a Blu-ray release would be forthcoming, but considering it took them half a decade to even do a DVD set I wouldn't hold my breath. They obviously don't think it's a draw.

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