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Official canon backstory for Shaggy's "transformation":

Detailed on the MultiVersus website following the game's formal announcement today, WB Games provided a new description of Shaggy and his origin in the title. Rather than simply stating that he's just a regular person with a massive appetite for food, his character bio reveals that he very much has supernatural powers in MultiVersus.

"The last thing Shaggy remembers before The Change was exploring another spooky old mansion with his pal Scoob, just like any other day with the gang. He found a strange glowing crystal and, thinking it was rock candy, went to take a bite. There was a FLASH… and then blackness. When he came to, he found himself in possession of incredible powers," says Shaggy's description on the MultiVersus website. "He doesn't know where they came from or how they work, but he's vowed to use them to vanquish evil and protect the little guy. As soon as he gets some lunch, that is."

Also, Matthew Lillard confirmed:

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