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LMAO I remember thinking this movie was going to come out early 2021 and even then it was already super late, and it doesn't look like it'll be released in "early" 2022, maybe summer at best? If it releases in 2022 wow, the show would've been in its fifth season had it not been cancelled.
At this rate the new theatrical CG animated movie is going to come out in theaters before this one, hell I'm sure viacom doesn't want this movie to detract from the new one, if it doesn't get dumped sometime in 2022 we might not see this movie for a while since I doubt they'd release it in 2023.

The movie is going to get trashed by influencers (regardless if it's good or bad) and no one is going to watch it so they might just be afraid of dumping it and getting bad PR and that's why they keep delaying it to not hurt the brand. At this point the movie has likely been finished for more than 2 years. I personally find it entertaining to follow. I'm sure we'll get the real events of what happened with the movie after it's released and some time passes from the staff, right now they're still trying to save face.
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