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Originally Posted by CylonsKlingonsDaleksOhMy View Post
No, to me, it sounds more like circling back to when Raphael was a loner in the beginning of IDW.

I think he's gonna end up on some Mutant Weapon program run by Null, with Zodi on the roster, and there's gonna be some kind of conditioning used on him... your family isn't coming; you're not a being, you're a product; etc etc.
In that regard, yes, it's totally circling back. I even considered asking Bobby something to that effect after I finished reading the issue but then some other stuff got in the way and I ended up not doing it. But it's clear that that's what they're going for. Raph > Leo > Donnie > Mike subtly taking the spotlight in turns works pretty well.

And yeah, I like that idea. But that's the immediate future. Shredder!Raph could still be a long-term move. (Really, really wishful thinking here...)
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