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-Name: Victor
-Age: 22
-Species: Human
-Height: 6'2"
-Weight: 240 lbs.
-Hair: Black (short)
-Eyes: Black (technically a really dark brown)
-Skin: Tan
-Weapon: Hands (best with a Bo Staff)

-Background Files/History: Born in the States however left due to disturbance in his family origin of Cambodia. Victor goes to Cambodia at age 19 where he trains the great art of Ninjistu by his father. While in Cambodia, when defeats a gang known as the Silver Pehn. However, he was greatly aided by a warrior named Karai. She extends his Ninjistu training to another level, and offers him a high rank in her clan. He travels back to Japan with this mistress, and he becomes a high official of the Foot Clan. He learns the way of the ninja, and becomes Karai's greatest Elite Guard. He has broken even further into her, not by just his trust and loyalty, but by being a great friend.

Present - Just recently Karai was responsible for traveling into New York to restore order to the Foot Clan. She left Victor in charge of the Foot Clan in Japan. During her absence, Victor singlely trained more of the Foot soldiers to become greater warriors. After a few weeks, Karai contacts him to discuss her current status as well as his. Her master Oroku Saki has been revitalized, and is eager to meet this warrior. Victor appoints one of his Elite to control the Foot of Japan, while he finally meets the master of the Foot. The Shredder forsees a great ninja, and an Elite Warrior.


-Intelligence Quotient: 14 (Average to Above Average)
-Mental Endurance: 15 (Good)
-Mental Affinity: 16 (Exceptional)
-Physical Strength: 19 (Beyond Exceptional)
-Physical Prowess: 20 (Beyond Exceptional)
-Physical Endurance: 25 (Almost Superhuman)
-Physical Beauty: 21 (Beyond Exceptional)
-Speed: 16 (Exceptional)
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