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Downsizing NECA and S7 collection (and other toys)

Hey all. I am finally getting it through my head that I dont need 2 or 3 of everything. So I am offering up a ton of my collection here. I regularly sell at the Toyman toy show in STL, if you would rather pickup locally (next show is Jan9-ask if you need more info). If you are interested let me know here and/or DM.

I want to get at least retail+shipping for things. If you buy more than 1 thing, its easier to ship. I will add images as I drag more stuff out, and delete images as they are sold. Check back often.

All Items are mint in box and I will pack and ship things like they are my own. If you recall, I regularly shipped things for my toy store, so I am not new to this. Let me know any questions, or if you need more pics or whatever.

PRICING (prices DO NOT include shipping)
NECA Movie
Casey/Raph 2 pack $75
Splinter rescue 4 pack (SDCC) $300
Gamestop Turtles/Baddies ( Set of 8 ) $300
Yoshi/Saki 2 pack $75

NECA Cartoon
Ultimate Mondo Gecko $40
Ultimate Muckman $40
Rock Soldiers 2 Pack $70
Ace Duck/Mutagen 2 Pack $80
Slash/Leatherhead 2 Pack $100
Wingnut Screwloose 2 Pack $70
Triceraton Generals 2 Pack $60
Triceraton/Rodney 2 Pack $60
Dirtbag Groundchuck 2 Pack $70

NECA Arcade
Turtles (Set of 4) $150
Baddies (Set of 4) $150

Figuarts Original release (Set of 4) $400
Mirage Turtles (Clamshells)- SEE CONDITION $900

Super 7

Set of 9- $400
Would much rather sell this in 1 large shipment, otherwise $50ea

Casey Jones
Foot Soldier
Space Monkey Toys

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