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Originally Posted by FredWolfLeonardo View Post
I know Kuro is holding back, but I feel like Leo is holding back too. If he is, its not gonna last long because the lives of Karai and their child is at stake, Leo needs to go into beast mode asap.
Well, here's a three-page update to have that answered.

Remember what Tsunami said when she and Leo were sparring in the Tokyo Foot Clan Dojo, about how she's the number one protégé of Tatsu, who taught her how to sense aura without using here eyes?

Well, as showcased in the "Forgotten swordsman" episode, Tatsu was a VERY dangerous opponent. But so far we haven't seen what Tsunami brings to the table. But she wasn't Tatsu's number one Protégé for a very good reason!

For those unaware of what a "Ketsu Cannon" is, look up a Japanese comedian by the name of Egashira 2:50.
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