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Originally Posted by Mad Dog McMutt View Post
I can't believe you got rid of them at this time. The prices for old school games like those is sky rocketing. I bet in 2 years from now Radical Rescue will be worth 200 bucks. I am so glad that I got my copy of it for 35 bucks 5 or 6 years ago.
We're in the year 2022, not 2005 anymore. Gameboy Games are over 30 years old now, and now that we're going to have a modern collection the games will be easily to play for modern audiences, so I think the opposite will happen. Price for these games have already been up (as I said they sold for $133, which is fine by me).

What am I to do, keep these until the year 2030? That's only 8 more years from now, oddly enough, I doubt the prices will change that much.
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