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Originally Posted by superstaff View Post
I have to agree with this. It's a common thing I see so much in recent times. "Yeah, well, it's not bad for what it is! It's just a cute little cartoon!" Why can't cartoons be criticized like all other forms of art? They're not supposed to be taken seriously by any means, and the humor in them are supposed to always be found funny, or the fans say that you're a moron who can't take a joke. So if Usagi Descendant Boy farts multiple times in an episode, including during the dramatic scene when his love interest or best friend or whatever dies, then you're a moron for complaining that a dramatic scene was ruined by a very dumb joke.
And I have to agree with this.

I don't expect something aimed at kids to be the mature, gritty series a lot of us dream of seeing someday like for the TMNT, but it's disappointing to see longtime awesome things dumbed down to become yet another derpy series like so many aimed at kids now.

I did more or less like this Usagi series fine enough, it has potential, but I was definitely mentally roiling my eyes at some of the dialogue and antics it really could have cut out of the script without taking any kind of loss to the story or entertainment. Looking through that junk, it was rather okay. But that stuff felt like a waste of limited time per ep in a way that was a bit annoying, and could get old fast if they don't grow him as a character in a second season, if there is one.

If nothing else... they came up with an Usagi descendant that might actually mesh with Rise Leo's ego and behavior. The original Usagi sure wouldn't.
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