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I liked Mikey well into the show's run. He absolutely opens his mouth more often after Season 1 but I liked that they gave him something other than just "comic relief character." He's more arrogant after Battle Nexus, but he's also more confident. He's clearly the most creative of the four and he begins allowing it to show through in his strategies and fighting style. As Seasons 3 and 4 progress I see his quips more as him cautiously processing the situations rather than fodder for the audience.

I really enjoyed his Battle Nexus rematch in S4, because it was a "Mikey actually does something right for once" episode that felt earned because it was built up over the last couple of seasons. We watch Mikey learn that he could be more than how he perceives himself and slowly, through his own methods, he matures into a warrior that could reasonably win a true rematch. Season 5 went too far for me, and I think it was because the show kept all of his aspects fans consider annoying without any of the development. Maybe 2k3 Mikey getting any sort of development is a breath of fresh air for me compared to 2012's post-S1 brain-dead drooling village idiot moron Mikey, who knows.

Leo's still my favorite of the show for the same reasons above, his arc in S4 is the highlight of the series imo. From there, Mikey is probably my 2nd favorite.

Then Raph, who is a little static but I really enjoy that they tapped into his emotional side in a hating-injustice manner instead of a "secret softie" like other versions of him.

Don's my least-favorite when he's usually my favorite in other TMNT media, because he doesn't get as much development as the other three. The show's Don-centric eps like The King and SAINW are also series highlights but they're too few and far between. I still really like this telling of the character though.
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