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Originally Posted by Coola Yagami View Post
Now that would be something. Not the blue hair, but maybe a younger Splinter that's maybe 2 years or so older and still the master of ninjitsu when compared to the turtles. That ways he can shed the fragile old master stereotype and join the gang on the adventures.

Or heck, who knows. Make Splinter a woman and raise the Turtles as feminists. Bonus points if it's Tang Shen.
We make Shredder an incompetant white man, Karai immediately ousts him, two of the turtles are gay, and Splinter dies in the first issue and is replaced by Apirl, who knows way more Ninjitsu than him and replaces him as the Master. The end of the show has Don realizing that he is also gay before hooking up with Casey, who is gay as well, and the final battle is between Karai and April after the turtles are defeated, but then Karai is redeemed and they kiss. Brought to you by Netflix.
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