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Originally Posted by Leo656 View Post
Thanks for setting an example, Will Smith.

Those of us who remember what happened to Dimebag Darrell don't think sh*t like this is funny. Like, at all.

This world's going to sh*t. I really gotta wrap up some of this outstanding sh*t I've got hanging over me so I can finally check out because I really don't wanna be here another 20+ years.
I actually heard about this on my birthday and I just find it hilarious with what the world is turning into. Though Jamie Foxx wearing that hat was probably what lightened up the mood and of course Chris' "Will Smith" crack. Will has himself to blame for that.

I'm reminded of those two episodes of Fresh Prince, one being "Just Say Yo" where at the end when Phil scolded Will for hurting Carlton when his cousin took drugs that he kept in his locker and an episode when Will got in a fight with a child mascot that was supposed to be entertaining his baby cousin.
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