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Well this sucks. I was collecting the Conan the Barbarian and Savage Sword hardback omnibuses (as well as the other Howard/Marvel creations Soloman Kane and Kull omnibuses) that Marvel were doing as all my Darkhorse material is well read and incomplete.

The suits at team Disney choose not to renew the license even though they haven't completed compiling the old material in omnibus form. Folks on the R.E. Howard forums are saying Conan The Barbarian is scheduled to finish its run but Savage Sword of Conan will stop right in the middle and King Conan will only get 1 book (10-20 comics). What a huge **** you to everybody that has been collecting these since 2018.

Already canceled my King Conan preorder and it Looks like the resale market is pretty good for the Savage books so Ill at least make my money back selling them off. I don't need another incomplete series on the shelves.

The Conan US based copyright rights now go back to the company Heroic Signatures which got bought by the Chinese mega company Tencent last year.
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