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Originally Posted by oldmanwinters View Post
The so-called "Red Sky" seasons 8-10 featured a full animation overhaul, which included some noticeable changes to the turtles' eye sockets (you could see some green skin between their eyes and the bandana fabric). I don't know about the yellow effect though. I guess it could have been your TV's color settings or else the animation just gave you that impression. Season 8 was the best looking of the Red Sky episodes.
There were TWO things I immediately found different with that episode I remember seeing (yellow eye sockets, and actual shading). And this comes REALLY close to what I picture in my mind.

I'm not sure where the yellow eye socket came from, but it was the other most noticeable thing that stuck out the most.

It HAS to be this! I'll be sure to check those particular seasons soon! They even look a bit more serious too.

Thanks a lot!
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