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I'm so glad you're spriting/coding again and especially glad you prioritized Bebop (my favorite of the TMNT bad guys). I'll try to think up all the help I can.

Bebop likes his sawed-off auto-fire laser blaster, but when he decides to punk out old-school, he's been known to swing around swing around a ball-and-chain flail, either in his hand (Turtles on Trial episode) or on top of his head (TMNT 3 on NES). Strangely enough, he might also carry around a mouse in his pocket (Catwoman from Channel Six episode). He has a larger vocabulary than most people would think, and can be both witty and articulate when left to his own thoughts. Compared to Rocksteady, he appears to have a more pronounced love for comic books and videogames (references in Enter the Shredder and Krangenstein Lives episodes).

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