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I just picked up a copy of Leonardo #1 for $10. Supposedly it is in nm condition.

It feels like that book is going to go up in value as time goes on. Seems to have sort of escaped the market for now, maybe by way of not being an “Eastman and Laird tmnt” title. But it comes from that very first Mirage arc, as we all know, and is an important piece of the classic TMNT lore. Also one of the relatively rare issues to have Peter and Kevin directly collaborating.

I’m sure it’s going to eventually climb in price with those other classic Mirage issues, so it feels like a good time to pick it up. People are sleeping on it. I think “The River” issues may be good pick-ups, as well. There’s a fair chance we never see those issues reprinted.

Mirage #10 has always been my fav tmnt issue, so I had to have the lead in.

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