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Oh this is a cool thread. And allow me, first of all, to say that one thing that has disappointed me about WWE in this current decade is the lack of original theme songs for wrestlers. They all seem to have generic rock and pop songs as theme songs, and most don't fit them. That former stable Nexus... how could one take them seriously as a threat coming out to that song?

So, my favourite ones:

Stone Cold's theme - Simple, yet catchy

The Undertaker's 2004-present

The Undertaker's Ministry theme

The Undertaker's 1997-1998 theme

The Rock's IF A SMELL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKIN' 1999-2001. And also his 2002 theme and his Hollywood Rock theme from 2003.

The Game - Mötorhead - One of the few cases where an actual song fits a wrestler fine. Although this song was written on purpose for Triple H. Can't go wrong with Motörhead ever.

Ultimate Warrior- It gets you pumped up

nWo's theme - come on now. Who doesn't dig it?

Bret Hart's - Pretty rockin'

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