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Originally Posted by TheCanadiandrome View Post
Glorious dude! talent
Thanks so much! Here's a bunch of new stuff!

First off, it appears that Doctor El is expecting Leonardo!

Meanwhile, Donatello got his hands on a vintage 1972 G.I. Joe Adventure Team Mobile Support Vehicle!

And here he is, Jarred Fouche's amazing Doctor El custom!

Leonardo runs afoul of the Faun again:

Raphael versus Krang Prime!

(I titled this one "Traumateyes")

Metalhead 2.0:

That big, green, tank-looking fellow is my lazy kitbash of a 1990 movie-style Metalhead 1.0. I reckon Donnie made 2.0 out of Dimension X parts or something, but even so, he could use a good weathering.

And finally, a friend and former colleague of mine surprised me with a Super 7 Lion-O. Here is a shot of him:

He's a damn magnificent figure, but of course this thread isn't called Geek Creek's All-Purpose Thundercats Kitbashes and Photos Thread, so here's why I mentioned him:

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