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Originally Posted by Canadian Turtle View Post
Well ya, I have them all. I have all the test videos and most of the dailies from the film and literally the ONLY behind the scenes camera footage from that film. We collected a ton of content for the documentary and included a good (I thought) behind the scenes look into that film in the Turtle Power documentary. Many people still to this day complain that there has never been a behind the scenes for that film, even though we made one and it came out. There is very likely no alternative film with content that no one has ever seen, I know a good chunk of what wasn’t in the film and it really wasn’t much. Maybe I should do a podcast review of this material someday and demonstrate and analyze everything that was and was not in the film and look at all the behind the scenes content we have.
There is a lot in turtle power ive seen it but i know theres more, especially the dailies.
Id love to see all that in raw form.But i also know its not how it works in business , copyrights and all...

But something like a review of this , should not void copyright ?
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