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Hey all, I'm new on here


I recently joined on here cus I've become hooked on the NECA Target cartoon turtles and was recommended to check this place out. If anyone is familiar with which is GI Joe forums similar to this, I've been an active member on there since 2008. My name is Germ on there as well. GI Joe is my first love but Turtles are a very close 2nd. As a kid I got bored with the turtle toys and went back to Gi Joe mainly because of the 80s awkward sculpts and they weren't very posable. While GI Joe always had better articulation than any other toy line at that time. But now these super cool NECA figures have finally gave me everything I always wanted in turtle toys!

So anyways I figured I'd join on here to mingle with people and get more info on these as I'm sorta late to start collecting these and I feel like I'm in the dark never knowing when or what is coming out next. Maybe even do some trades with people and help each other complete our collections

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