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Originally Posted by Scumbug View Post
How funny would it be if Krang's head was blown to a size that didn't fit the walker.
Krang’s head may actually be touching the ‘cranium cart’ window this time around. Oh no, it’s Super Krang!

Originally Posted by Walkabout View Post
As I mentioned, I'm tempted to get the baddies box if only for the F.S. and accessories.

While I'm at it, could someone (I'm guessing mikey0) explain why they redid Shredder's leg and any other reissue changes?
Playmates redid both of Shredder’s legs for the Original Comic Book Collection set. It was almost difficult trying to get the original basic Shredder and all Shredder reissues before the Walmart one to stand up straight without falling. So, you do not have to prop this Shredder up against the back of the shelf. There is another theory spreading online about why Playmates re-molded Shredder’s legs for the Walmart Exclusive Original Comic Book Collection set. Pixel Dan believes Playmates may have been trying to mimic the stance that Shredder uses in the Mirage Comics comic book. I agree with Pixel Dan on that point. Playmates killed two birds with one stone.

As for the oversized heads, I imagine the original head molds from the late 80s were starting to show their age. So, Playmates used rotocasting to make the oversized heads because it’s less expensive to do.

Those are the only reissue changes I can think of right now.

Originally Posted by mikey see View Post
This might be a dumb question, but are you so sure the Foot does come with accessories? Other figures are shown holding their weapons, the Foot has nothing. It'd be mighty lazy of Playmates to not include anything but I mean, come on. This whole release is lazy.
I’m not sure why Playmates used that promotional image of the F.S., but the 2014 Classic Collection Retro Foot Soldier came with accessories. This release will not be too different from the last release. I’m excited to see this hollow headed Foot Soldier myself.

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