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Originally Posted by Powder View Post
Nah, it totally is the same people buying them over & over again. I'm in a ton of collectors groups & these guys have brand loyalty like you wouldn't imagine. They sh*t on every iteration of TMNT but 1987, & buy the same toys one after another for decades at a time. Many such cases. Sad!
Difference between brand loyalty and addiction buying. I'm sure much much of what you've described is the latter.

Originally Posted by Metropoliskid41 View Post
Buying these new sets, as the only Playmates Turtle reissue sets that I’ve ever bought, somehow makes me a shill? You know that no one is forcing you to buy these right? We get it, you don’t like them. Then STFU and don’t buy them, problem solved.
I'm not in for the "shill" debate by any means. But in the spirit of real convo, why don't you seek out nice examples of the original vintage releases? Why would you prefer modern copies?
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