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I didn't think anybody ever complained about the M.A.S.H. ending being a disappointment. It made television history, and I think it has a very memorable final scene, so why is it even on this poll?

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and add, Quantum Leap. Sam leaps into himself as an adult at the exact moment of his birth and basically revisits actors who played different characters all through the series & then gets a fade to black with text that Al gets the good life while Sam is stuck leaping alone through time, never coming home. One of the few series that could restart with a female lead (Sammie Jo, Sam's daughter) leaping to find her dad and for some reason hasn't... Oh well.
I never really found the episode itself to be bad, the hastily added text overlay about "Dr. Beckett never returned home" doesn't really gel with the message the episode is trying to say (i.e. take a Sabbatical now and then). I read somewhere it was just a studio/network decision to make it fell more like a series finale even though the show's creative team had plans to keep doing episodes and building off that last season.

I suppose it would be as ridiculous of any show that just cancelled/non-renewed and the TV execs decided to throw a message onto the end that says "This was the last one, folks. Nobody ever got what they really wanted. Thanks for watching."

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