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Originally Posted by oldmanwinters View Post
I didn't think anybody ever complained about the M.A.S.H. ending being a disappointment. It made television history, and I think it has a very memorable final scene, so why is it even on this poll?

I never really found the episode itself to be bad, the hastily added text overlay about "Dr. Beckett never returned home" doesn't really gel with the message the episode is trying to say (i.e. take a Sabbatical now and then). I read somewhere it was just a studio/network decision to make it fell more like a series finale even though the show's creative team had plans to keep doing episodes and building off that last season.

I suppose it would be as ridiculous of any show that just cancelled/non-renewed and the TV execs decided to throw a message onto the end that says "This was the last one, folks. Nobody ever got what they really wanted. Thanks for watching."
Yeah, pretty much all I read of it over the years since was that it was last minute cancelled and thats why as the writers intended to go more crazy sci fi with aliens or something & go to the future (which would be weird, cuz Sam could technically go anywhere if he is leaping through time to the future because he lifetime would not then be linear..) and there was an alternate ending (or two) out there but never filmed (that I've been able to find anyways). Al's Place (website) had a ton of fanfic done to wrap storyline plots & continue with other untouched things. They continued with Alia's story too and Zoey leaping... With NCIS NO ending, they could get Scott to do a bit part intro & film his finale scene (if he doesn't want to stay on) and get a new cast to start a new Quantum Leap series. Maybe call up Dean Stockwell for a bit part too since he doesn't look so well these days, before its too late.

And the MASH ending was perfect. The show outlasted the war by a few years... Used to watch that with my dad. The finale actually made him tear up a bit.
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