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Originally Posted by Andrew NDB View Post
I wonder if Trevor shows up to any degree. I think he will. They can't not address the elephant in the room about the Mandarin as it concerns Iron Man 1, 3, and "All Hail the King" especially.
I read somewhere that the identity thing is addressed. I also read less than promising statements from the director about how the Mandarin won't be what we expect, and bla bla bla.

People can think what they want about my decision to most likely not pay to see this movie, but all I can say is that point of view isn't purely because I'm jaded about the Mandarin on film, but mostly because of all of the BS nonsense and walking on broken glass that has come along with it from the Studios for years now.

Pretty much the only thing that could guarantee I'd pay to go see this one is to find out that Iron Man shows up and fights the real Mandarin in the background while Shang-Chi fights his Dad or whatever.

On that note, also incredibly sick and tired of the "family connections" or the "the bad guy knows me intimately" in super hero flicks, man. Ugh.
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