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Artist: YA KID K
Media: CD
Origin: France
Track 1: SLAMMIN' CLUB MIX 7.22
Track 2: JAMMIN' DUB (Serious Phase) 4.50
Track 3: ACAPELLA 3.24
Track 4: TV MIX 4.01

You'd think a seven and a half minute mix of this song would be even more frustrating, right? O_o Well, you'd be surprised. I know I was. The second track, while not too terribly varied from the first, was also a welcome change. Track 3 is a bit of a lie since it's not completely voice-only. And, finally, track 4... is COMPLETELY misleading. It's a karaoke track. All of Kamosi's lines except the one repeated in the chorus are inaudible. While I bought this CD with the intention of it only being for sentimental collector's value, the first two tracks have me rethinking this plan.
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