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When did this show debut again? Even thought it's known as TMNT 2k3 I believe it actually debuted in the later months of 2002?

So, I was 12. And even if it actually debuted in 2003 instead then I was most likely 12 still since I was born in November.

I don't think the show made it to Portugal until a year or so after coming out in USA, though. First time I watched it was in 2003, I believe. But maybe they were already rerunning the 1st season by then since they'd air a 2nd season episode and then show a 1st season episode afterwards. That's how it was for a while.

It was a pretty exciting thing to have a modern TMNT cartoon at the time. I had grown up with FW TMNT reruns on cable TV in the late 90s and early 2000s. Meaning, I was a fan of a dead franchise and there were no TMNT toys for my kid self to buy. 2K3 changed that. Christmas 2003 was a glorious one to me since I finally accomplished my childhood dream of having TMNT toys.
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