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I love the MOTUC line, but never had the money to actually collect them. I did, however, get a hold of King Grayskull, who is my favorite new character from the 200X series. I would like to have Unnamed One too, for I'm one of the few who think he's just awesome! But the next best thing is to watch Pixel Dan's thorough reviews of the figures, so I've got that going for me.

I was a fan of the vintage line back in the day, and the 200X just blew me away when I saw it! I've collected every basic version of the 200X figures (minus Moss Man and She-Ra and other exclusives who I don't think are "official") and tried to get all the vehicles and accessories too. I think I'm only missing the Dragon Walker and Battle Bones. Not interested in the repaints and I've gotten just some of the variants, if they were cheap and I thought "why not?"

The vintage figures aren't in very good condition, so I wouldn't display them unless I got better replacements. I'd really like to put all the 200X figures on display though, but got no space.

I think Scott did mostly very good job with the MOTUC bios and building the lore, even though he unnecessarily killed off one of my favorite bad guys, Mer-Man! I mean, WTF Scott??? But at least everyone's got their own "official" canon for the figures, and I'm just glad the MOTUC line includes pretty much everyone. I would have liked all of the New Adventures figures also, but those aren't too important for me.

edit: also, MewMeow, I think it's great the younger generation are still interested in MOTU! I mean, I think you were barely born when the 200X series aired, right? How did you become interested in them?

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