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Raph ep was best ep thanks to guest voices. And that one rather self aware line... lol

What were the names of the crooks? Something like Dennis, Mickey, and...? Didn't catch the "Leo" one.

The little bit of sentimental Mikey/Splinter/Draxum stuff was decent.

It took this long to finally see the mystic-powered baseball bat? Looks like Donnie's staff kind of broke, and along with his comment on his brothers waving around mystic weapons I thought that might have lead to him finally getting the darn mystic staff. Donnie being such an ass is getting so old. Being the skeptical science guy is one thing, but his attitude just soured the episode.

Leo...weakest ep. Most I can say is had the toy line not bombed and not been rather bad looking to begin with I might have gotten a beach Leo variant if accurately done and didn't look weird... Shame that he's still dumbed down to the point that he spent most of his ep time asleep and being taken advantage of. Miss the days when Leo would have found something cool to do, not just be lazy.

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