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Ep 8a - Raph's Ride-Along

Good episode, not much to say except that it was a fun Raph episode. I thought the Easter egg with the voice actors was neat, Raph's plans backfiring was funny and the fight scene at the end was pretty awesome. Also its kinda funny how this episode about cops being incompetent and somewhat racist came out in this specific time frame.

Ep 8b - Donnie vs. Witch Town
This was pretty much a mixed episode in which the 1st half was awful and the 2nd was good, I could've done a lot less with the whole "Science vs Magic" from Donnie, I still like this iteration of the character but whoo boy was he wearing my patience thin. The second half more than made up for it(along with the hit April gave Donnie) I loved the heart to heart talk April and Donnie had and the fight scene at the end was pretty good too. Also this is going to sound weird but I kinda wish this episode was 22 minutes not because this was important to the overall plot but I thought somethings could have been expanded a bit like the town and the witch girl.

Fun Fact when Donnie was digging for worms you can see Warren Stone in the background.

Ep 9a - Hidden City's Most Wanted

I love how Splinter in this version is more "dad" than "teacher compared to his previous iterations and its always kinda sweet just spending time with his son, no lessons no generic ancient martial art advice that has to do with trees or streams just hanging out with his son and introducing him to the city. I especially love how Mikey is the one who gets to hang out with Splinter since we don't see a lot of Mikey and Splinter interaction in general especially in the 12 series(it was so bad that when the turtles had to have emotional flashbacks Mikey remembers an event that he should have no memory of). With all of that in mind what really shines is the relationship between Splinter and Draxum I love the idea of Splinter not forgiving Draxum and is still bitter that the latter turned him into a rat and the flashback with him homeless with baby Mikey confronting him. Rise Splinter might have had a bad first impressions(even I thought he sucked in the 1st episode) but it is shown time and time again that he does love his sons. Nothing else but Draxum in the kimono gave me Samurai Jack vibes.

Ep 9b - Bad Hair Day
Alright, not bad not good just alright it doesn't annoy me and it doesn't really wow me either. I thought Leo with hair looked good but I don't have much to say in this episode.

So yeah the Hidden City arc was good, could've been better but I did enjoy exploring the city and looking at a bunch of monster designs and I really like the anthology style of storytelling focusing on a single turtle in each episode and having the ending wrap everything up.

Originally Posted by IndigoErth View Post

Leo...weakest ep. Most I can say is had the toy line not bombed and not been rather bad looking to begin with I might have gotten a beach Leo variant if accurately done and didn't look weird... Shame that he's still dumbed down to the point that he spent most of his ep time asleep and being taken advantage of. Miss the days when Leo would have found something cool to do, not just be lazy.
1. How is him sleeping being "dumbed down" a Spa is a place where you relax.

2. How many times was 12 Leo got took advantage of by Karai at least Rise Leo has the excuse of not knowing the guy.

3. In the last batch of episodes Leo had an episode where he helped Don Hueso improve his relationship with his brother and one of the things he did was sneak into Big Mama's trophy room. This is the only Leo episode where he gets to be lazy.

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