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Originally Posted by CyberCubed View Post
I mean clothes were invented for a reason. Even if you're alone in your house and nobody is there, it just feels "wrong" to be walking around bare naked. It's like you're an animal or something, or like you're from the zoo. That's why I mention savages, even ancient people wore loincloths over their groins in ancient times because even they knew wearing nothing was wrong.

Also I can't imagine sitting on my chairs or couch bare naked. Just seems nasty.

Um, clothes were invented because we are basically hairless apes with no real protection from the elements of our own. Other animals have fur or thick feathers and the like to stay warm or protect them from the sun, we don't. We had to make our own protection by wearing furs, skins, and whatnot from animals that DO have them. It's got nothing to do with propriety or being "wrong", we've been doing it for the past fifty thousand years or so, ling before anyone thought to call being naked "wrong"!
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