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As a female fan and thus probably have a little different relation to favorite male characters like the TMNT than most male fans do...I can say that, yes, nice muscle tone even looks good in green and it's possible to design them, as one example of inhuman fictional characters, in a way that is made to seem appealing. (Don't act like it this doesn't go both ways, boys. lol) Though when it comes down to it, it is still the rather human aspects about them that are the appealing part. If some fan purposely tries to draw them looking "hot" I would not say that they are more appealing than human men... but could still have their own thing happening in their own way. And those ways are still human-ish.

Now someone who finds non-humans more appealing in general, not just over characters purposely drawn that way, that part I'd agree is a little concerning and sounds like an active rejecting of and isolation from other people.

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