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my top 10 auch its hard so much great music so little space.

1.nirvana ok lets face in that little time and so much ****ing great rockn roll and if kurt cobain had not been killed/ killed him self i think nirvana would have made a album that was ten times more powerful and raw than in utero.
they we awsome pearl jam jeez eddie vedder you can never be kurt cobain you wil always be remebered as the guy after cobain the number two not the spoke man of a angy rebellian generation.

2. david bowie

the best male voice, and what a genius he is known as a chamelon he changes all the time and does it with style.

3. joy division

again depressed/goth rock late 70s but this was awsome and raw, the beautiful dark gothic voice of ian curtis was powerful "closer" maybe the best album of the 80s.


james "maynard" keenan is and will always be a musical genius if you call yourself a music lover and you havent heard tools music well check them out even "a perfect circle"

5. led zeppelin the worlds most important rock band ever

6. the pixies if it hadent been for the great music of pixies and the other great late 80s alternative post/punk bands like nirvana, soundgarden, alice in chains osv wouldent or well maybe hadent been that infected and decided to make great punk rock music.

7. john lennon f*** elvis im sorry elvis but you dont stand a chance against lennon he is truely the greatest rocker and rock legend of them all.

8. ac/dc back in black rock n roll all nite day baby if you like party rock put these guys on.

9. tori amos beautiful lady with beautiful music

10. the doors brilliant music!!!!!!
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