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Originally Posted by cyberfox007
Hello all!

Back in a time where you and i were younger, i was nothing short of a nintendo fan boy up untill 2001 that was when i switched camps to PlayStation and with out knowing it i seem to make a good choise coz frankly i think the big N aint' what it used to be.
Camps? Huh? And who's to say you can't have both? Hm? I thought Playstation was all about being edgy and trend setting, and giving the finger to the 'man'?

And i have my reasons too, currently i find that nintendo has totaly lost its way in how it does things for example hey are letting other dev companies make thier reconized products (ex.:F-Zero GX was devolped by sega) there was a time were a nintendo game was done by EAD or come other in-house dev group its all "outsouced" to other comanies that nintendo wants to "buddy up" too such as Namco, Konami and so forth. another thing is that nintendo klings too much to the "old days of gameing" the icon of Mario is so over used with all the spots games he is in i see this as a disgrase to such an iconic figure. i see this as a sign of weekness and just gonns be a slow progression
Nintendo did this to get third parties to work with them. Hiroshi Yamauchi was a bastard. Brilliant, but he didn't understand how the market model he created was shifting away from first parties holding the key titles to third parties being the power cards. And Fzero GX? Brilliant. Link in SC2? Made the game sell more then it's PS2 and Xbox counterparts combined.

And yes, Mario is way too over used now... not that he wasn't in the past. But Mario is still the foremost videogame icon ever, with Sonic being a close second. If you see an red hat with an M on it, you think Mario... if you see Master Chiefs helmet... it might take you a while to pin point it.

Nintendo still has the best development house around. If you've never read up on Miyamotos development theories, do yourself a favor and do... that man puts more thought into his games (read: games, not stories or graphics) then anyone else in the industry. He's responsible for ushering in the Dpad, the (proper) Analog stick, force feed back... his name's on damn near 90% of anything groundbreaking in gaming (CD's go to SEGA, and actuall games go to Nolan Bushnell, and memory cards go to SEGA as well) And we can't forget Gunpi Yokoi, the guy who made the Dpad, controll pad, Game and Watch, Game Boy, Virtual Boy, and Metroid. It's a damn shame he's not alive today.

To all the Nintendo fans out ther this is in no way a verbal bashing tword your beloved copmany, i totaly respect nintendo and its contributions to the industry but i just forsee that things if dont rule out for them in the next ten years well lets just say they will do what thier formal rival Sega did in 2002

Thats my 2 cents, now spend it
Actually, Nintendo will leave the industry before they stop making home consoles. See, Japanese companies are insane. No matter how much money Nintendo would make as a third party (i feel they'd dwarf EA, easily), they won't. They're too proud, and for damn good reasons. No other company in the industry can tout the sheer number of hits they have *constantly*. No other company has nearly as many icons under their belt.
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