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At this point,, if we'd had gotten a sequel, I'd have preferred it be a remake of TMNT 3, BUT WITH INFLUENCE FROM THE IDW MINISERIES,and the video game, Turtles in time;

-alter the turtles designs, make them look normal, and don't bother to explain it. Make no reference to the two previous films, and have the audience just go with it.

-Open with the turtles stopping a group of thieves (maybe the purple dragons) from robbing a history museum. The turtles meet the curator of the Heian-period Japanese exhibit, Renet Tilly, who watches them stop the crooks, then thanks them for saving the exhibit.

-The next night, the turtles come back to visit Renet, who shows them the mystical time scepter, a Shinto Japanese relic from the Heian period. Mikey messes with the scepter, and sends Renet and the four turtles bouncing through time.

-The five end up jumping wildly through time, encountering mutants through the earth's history who had been affected by the ooze; first they end up in ancient egypt, where they prevent an attempt to overthrow Pharaoh by a mutant gator whose name translates as 'Leatherhead'.

-Next they end up in feudal Japan, where they save Ninja Master Hamato Yoshi and his four sons from assassination by a group of Ninjas led by the evil Kappa, Slash, who had actually been sent by the Ninja warlord, Oroku Saki. (The connection Between Yoshi and his sons and the turtles is never spelled out by the movie, but the audience gets hints).

-Then finally, Victorian England, Where the rat king threatens the city with his rat-monster horde from the city's sewers.

-Renet was magically bonded to the staff when it was activated, and must use it's power to not only try and steer them through time, but also to use her newfound magic to fight with the TMNT. The time sceptre's magic also translates for them both ways in the first two eras.

-the film ends with a return to the near-present... only to find Shredder has taken over the world, the Technodrome is sitting in the middle of new York... and a squad of foot and Rock soldiers- led by Bebop and Rocksteady- have the newly returned turtles surrounded.... roll credits.

At least, that's what I would've done, if forced to follow up with a sequel.
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If they make a TMNT reboot movie retelling the shredder battle/origin, I won't buy a ticket.

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I figured it out... If we couldn't have Krang as an actual threat and it went with a whole different story...

That scroll from TMNT 3 (1993) of the Turtles that supposedly defeated Lord Norinaga's kin/ancestors previously. Donnie states "Definitely family," but doesn't jump to assuming the images are of themselves.

Note the apparent clothing and nostrils... These are totally the PD Turtles having jumped time and multiverse to defeat the kin of Lord Norinaga.

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