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Hench Mutant
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just took advantage of the black friday sale.

These are amazing. This is the third set that i bought ** from bbts black friday sale
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Candy Kappa
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No Shredder this Toy Fair.
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Originally Posted by Candy Kappa View Post
No Shredder this Toy Fair.
They cancelled it a while back.
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Stone Warrior
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They can dance around the "in hiatus" all they want, but the response the figure's design got when it was released last year was super negative that there's no way they would think to release it now. Besides, NECA has produced three great Shredder figures already so I'm certain that ship has sailed.

27 years of loving everything Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.
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Hench Mutant
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would have been nice.

NECA has blown their figures out of the water though.

It sounds like from their perspective, Turtles isn't selling as well as their other lines.

In general, I think their big ones have been superheroes (dc, marvel, kamen rider) gundam, and dragon ball. As you will see that they constantly release stuff for these well established lines (as they do not have much competition).

But the Turtles have a lot of different licensors....and therefore too much "choice". For the classic look - Playmates, NECA, Dream Ex (to an extent), have done some amazing work. Ikon releasing the very large classic statues (they are ok, not everyone's cup of tea). Funko Pop versions and various other small scale/chibi types, emojis, dorbz. It's everywhere.

I think what they were expecting was - massive demand for the the SH Figuarsts turtles, but in fact, their expected sales figures were much lower than expected. Keeping in mind that the classic turtles should be amazingly successful. Anything else will most likely sell less.

Adding onto this - i'd say they fit a very weird segment.

Cheap Range $20 - Playmates Classic Collection fits in this category. Funko pops and the like fit into this category. Even playmates realized it didnt' sell well enough to continue the line. Classic & Retro being cancelled. Collectors generally want to relive nostalgia here, but want a piece that is value for money.
The weakness being the proportions and cost.

$40/$50/$60 range (per figure) - this is where it gets a little tricky. NECA vs SH Figuarts wise, they both fill certain void. Something that is well proportioned. I'm going to say the SH Figuarts really did get the proportions pretty good with the "approved colors". While NECA can only target collector's exclusives, but not only got the proportions right, but also the "colors right". One is available en masse, and one is pretty hard to get with a price barrier of $300 easily.

SH figuarts are not cheap, and they provide a lot of options. like head sculpts and accessories. Those that collect them, really like them, and they scale well with other franchises in the sh figuarts line (mostly). While those used to NECA releases are their for their "sought after nature" and "pretty good bang for buck".

$150 - $200+ Range - DreamEx- did a great job with 1/6 scale. Generally selling well. They continue to do more work. I think collector's that buy in this line are in it for the quality and they definitely deliver. Even the third party ones are really great.

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