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Mad Scientist
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Originally Posted by oldmanwinters View Post
Time for another fight against time and the machines.
just glad it's on one of my days off.
congratulations on Alopex and Mona Lisa tying for first this year.

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Hench Mutant
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I really like these, yet do not want them. Maybe B&R but the other two are easy pass.
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Coola Yagami
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Originally Posted by I Crave Pizza No More View Post
These are figures I craved as a kid. As a 40 year old dude? Not so much.
It just sucks that quality figures like these didn't come out UNTIL we were in our 40's. And they're not even meant to be played with, mostly to be displayed.
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Foot Elite
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TMNT is a very small part of my overall display, and even then it's a temporary rotation. At this point I'm buying these only to accumulate them on the chance that someday I do some large TMNT DeTolf or something - that's why I bought so many Mouser and crooked Turtle gang packs.

It's like everyone is saying - if we had this line as kids it would've been like the "dream animated toyline". But now, I'm buying them purely on 30+ years of wish fulfillment, which is really making me consider re-evaluating.

I want the Super 7 G.I. Joe stuff for the same reason - those animated archetypes. But if I'm questioning the NECA line, which is already out of hand with pricing, it's clear I'm not going anywhere remotely near the Super 7 G.I. Joe stuff. But honestly, if Super 7 had beaten NECA to the animated quality punch with G.I. Joe releases, I'd have gone that route.
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Old 05-30-2022, 12:19 PM   #25
Foot Elite
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these look great but deff not a must buy.
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Stone Warrior
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These look gray and def must buy toy. Regret comes on quickly and is costly,
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