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Random Punk
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HQ Mayhem From Mutant Island

Someone recently posted a 1080p remastered version of the Mayhem From Mutant Island episode not available on Paramount+, and it looks a lot better and less cut up than the older encode floating around. I won't directly link it, but it's easy to find on YT just with the episode title, it's the most recent one as of today. PM me if you still need help.

Even though it's better than anything else I've seen, I'm still working on compiling and organizing a comprehensive version of that special in the best possible quality, both as the individual segments and the completed episode version without the To Be Continued scatter throughout. I wish it could have been properly added onto Paramount+, but then I also wish we'd get that 1080p uncut Turtles Forever on there, and if that's not happenning, probably a single lost episode doesn't have a prayer.

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A shame we never got that on official release beyond the old website upload!

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Hench Mutant
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That one is an AI upscale, which isn't perfect and smears some parts of the image, especially if the source has a really low resolution. However, the official TMNT social media page did post the opening scene from the first part in high quality a few years ago.
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