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Originally Posted by Toby Barrett View Post
I honestly debate with myself whether or not the Infestation issues should actually canon to the series.
It's never referenced, not even when Donatello lists the different events that have gone on in the series, and I personally think, almost being devoured by an Occult God would be a really big deal. And I doubt it ever will be referenced again.
Plus, the story line just reads much more smoothly without those two issues between issues 6 and 7... =/
The way I read Donnie's line of "3 out of 4 of the battles we've fought had nothing to do with anything supernatural", is that he's just further refuting Leo by not even counting his story about the Foot Clan. So the 1 supernatural battle out of the 4 total would be their throwdown with Shub-Niggurath

And the few days that make up the Infestation story line were Old Hob's training with controlling the Mouser's and trying to locate the lair.
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